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Passive Investments

Dedicated To Investing In Lending and Equity Deals That Generate Safe and Predictable Passive Income

Safe & Predictable Passive Income

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What Does This Mean?

When you have a job, even if you are self-employed, you are merely trading time and effort for dollars. When you stop working, the money stops coming in. This is called active income.

Passive income is radically different. It’s a way to generate safe and predictable cash flow that comes in no matter what you do: work, play, sleep, call in sick, go on a vacation etc. Some call it “mailbox money”.

Once you have enough cash flow to pay your bills, or once your passive income equals your active income, you suddenly have several options: you can focus on your hobbies, your family and your friends. You can work if it makes you fulfilled – full time or part time. You can travel. You can retire. You can basically do anything you want and have always dreamed of.

Who Do We Invest With?

Our investors are healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, whether they get a 1099 or a W2.

Together, we are a community of like-minded individuals, hand-picked one by one, who learn, grow, invest and have fun together.

We only work with people we know, like and trust. We welcome referrals from investors we already work with.

Our 10 Point Investment


Invest In Hard Assets

Invest for Cash Flow

Invest In Things You Understand

Passive Income Is Better Than Active Income

Multiple Streams of Income are Better Than One

Simplicity Over Complexity

No Lazy Money

Educate Myself

Educate Others

Have Fun Doing All of The Above