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Doctor Eric Shelly is a general practice dentist and real estate investor who grew up in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics from Franklin and Marshall College in 1985. Dr. Shelly graduated from University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1989 with a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree.

He immediately began private practice as an associate in two practices before acquiring his own practice from a retiring dentist. Practicing with his wife Dr. Margaret Lee, Dr. Shelly continued to grow this practiceand created a second startup practice in 1996. He has since sold the startup practice in 2008 and added a younger partner in the primary practice later the same year. In 2016 Dr. Shelly and Dr. Lee sold the practice to their partner. Dr. Shelly continues to practice approximately 30 hours a week as an associate in his former practice. As a real estate investor Doctor Shelly has created a portfolio of 28 36 rental properties, 5 14 funds controlling over 425 500 doors, and has funded over 30 short-term hard money loans.

He is a member of the Freedom Founders Mastermind and he serves as a mentor to his dental colleagues in achieving financial freedom. Dr. Shelly has started an annual business symposium through the Pennsylvania Academy to help dentists with business practices personal financial management. He is also working with individuals who are interested in safely participating in joint real estate ventures. Throughout his career Dr. Shelly has been active in community service and has served as a leader in organized dentistry. He has been the president of his homeowner association and a longtime member of the Exchange Club of West Chester where he served as the newsletter editor, board member, treasurer, and president. He has hosted a Free Dentistry event called PAGD Cares for the past 8 years that provides free dental care for over 100 plus patients every year.

He was the local chair for the Nation of Smiles event at the Philadelphia National Convention of The Academy of General Dentistry. Over 350 patients were treated in this one-day event by over 80 volunteer dentists. Dr. Shelly also volunteers monthly at the Community Volunteers in Medicine Dental Clinic on a monthly basis.

As a leader in the dental profession Dr. Shelly has served as a board member, Vice President, President Elect, President, and Immediate Past President of the Dental Society of Chester and Delaware County. He went on to serve as a board member at the Second District of the Pennsylvania dental association. Dr. Shelly is also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry an organization of 40,000 general dentists, where he is currently serving as a Trustee on the national board. At the state level, he has previously served as a board member, continuing education chair, Vice President, President Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. His passion is clinical dentistry and helping his colleagues achieve success in their practices and in their financial security.

What are our Core Values?


Do What I Say I’m Going To Do (Even At My Expense)


Our Deals MUST Be Safe To Protect Our Investors


I Will Continue To Educate Myself To Help Others


I Only Do What I Am Passionate About


Nurture A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals (Financial Friends)

Why Do We Do What We Do?


Instead of selfishly retiring and keeping my knowledge for ourselves (scarcity mindset), we’d rather help others get out of the rat race (abundance mindset) and get time-freedom.

We want to show the light to people who still trust the system, or a financial advisor, and still put their savings in the stock market. They work hard for their money, and we want to show them how their money should work hard for them – much more predictably and much safer than in the stock market.

Of course, there are right ways and wrong ways to invest in real estate. We don’t do anything like on the highly-edited, easy-looking, total makeover, fix & flip TV shows. We have heard so many horror stories about healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who have been taken to the cleaners… because they trusted the wrong people.

• One recently went bankrupt at 68 years of age.

• Another one lost his shirt after getting involved in a classic “fix and flip” real estate deal.

• Yet another one followed a hot tip and invested in WorldCom stock, weeks before the share price cratered.

• One lost $115,000 on high-end condos on the Oregon coast.

• One lost $800,000 after applying what he learned at a “sure thing” day trading course.

• And one thought a car wash would be a great cash flow business – which went bankrupt!

• Oh, and there is the one who lost $200,000 in a commercial real estate deal that never took place.

You get the idea… There are so many “get rich quick” scams out there, and so much risk in the stock market, that many good, honest, hard-working people get hurt. They are playing with their retirement money, their kids’ college fund money, their life savings… They just don’t know any better…


We’re on a mission to help healthcare professionals and small business owners discover a better, safer, more predictable system. Not a system based on paper and promises, but a system based on hard assets, such as real estate. Not a “get rich quick” scheme, but a proven and safe concept that generates predictable cash flow, month after month after month.


Part of the proceeds generated by this endeavor will be shared with charity. We’re currently investigating the best option. At this time, we’re partial to Habitat for Humanity. Housing seems like a logical choice given what we do.