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Besides Return on Investment, it stands for Renaissance Opportunities and Investments.

To share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. I feel strongly about sharing it with the happy few.

People I know, like and trust. Nobody else is invited to join our community. Except for hand-picked referrals.

Healthcare professionals (in human and veterinary medicine), entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Well… there is no catch. There is nothing mysterious, illegal or weird about real asset investing. It’s nothing new, really. Simply, we do it differently than others. We’re all about education, safety and partnerships.

Alternative investing is a possibility plenty of professionals and business owners don’t know about, simply because it is not a mainstream trend. We believe through education, awareness and trusted partnership, you can make your money work harder for you and get back to enjoying your life and your retirement.

As Tony Robbins would say (title of his documentary), I’m not your guru. I’m really an average
guy with a huge passion for personal finance. I’ve invested a gigantic amount of time, effort and money to educate myself over the past few years, trying to get out of the rat race. In spite of
everything I’ve learned, I still work with real estate professionals who are immensely smarter
and more knowledgeable than I am. Now you can access and leverage this network and the
know-how I’ve developed over the years.

I used to be passionate about the stock market. But I slowly got tired of the unpredictability and the volatility. Over the past few years, my preference has shifted. I now favor cash flow. The idea is to build enough cash flow (aka passive investing) to replace your active income (provided by your job). Once you accomplish that goal, then you suddenly have choices: continue to work, go part time or “retire.” Regardless of what you decide to do, the cash flow continues to come in!

In some cases, a fairly small amount of money can get you started get your 1st stream of income. In other cases, you need more money. And in some situations, you need to be an accredited investor.

Everything we invest in is backed by real estate or a real asset. There may be exceptions to that rule for more sophisticated investors.

Once the initial paperwork is taken care of, you really have NOTHING to do. No tenants, no toilets, no termites. The most you may have to do is check your statement or walk to your mailbox to confirm that you got your check! It’s called passive investing for a reason!

Yes, every year, part of the proceeds will go to a charity (most likely Habitat for Humanity).